Head of Department Assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences
Seitkulov Abdumalik Rakhimovich
Phone:8 (727) 393-71-33 (ext. 155)

The department of “Engineering Graphics and Applied Mechanics” has existed since 1957.At different times, the department was headed by Professor NurakhmetovBauyrzhanKumargaliyevich, TusupovAmangeldyTusupovich, Abdrakhimov Ural Tutkabaevich, associate professors Yamshchikov Igor Nikolaevich, TsunvazaKhakimYusupovich, Kostyuchenko Vladimir Mikhailovich, KarymsakovKamalkhan,YerjanovNurlanMaulenovich.

AjmurzaevAmangeldy Tuktybaevich, Abduraimov Yeraly Ertaevich, Saidenova Firuza Abdullaevna made a great contribution to the formation and development of the department.

Since 2018SeitkulovAbdumalikRakhimovichhas held the department”Engineering Graphics and Applied Mechanics”.

According to the established courses in the educational system of training specialists the department of “Engineering Graphics and Applied Mechanics” is a comprehensive education chair.

The aim of the department is to teach theoretical and practical training of bachelors with professional knowledge, skills and abilities in general technical disciplines, in accordance with the requirements of generally binding standards of higher professional education in the field of engineering and technology.